10 May 2022

Conservatory Installation, Edinburgh

Conservatory Installation, Edinburgh

Enjoy SRJ’s Conservatory Installations

We recently completed a project in a lovely home in Bo’ness just outside of Edinburgh for Mr & Mrs Sherpa. They were looking for a way to build upon their home by revitalising their existing conservatory. While this older extension certainly fulfilled its basic purpose, it lacked the finesse and beauty that modern conservatories can offer.

Similarly, their old conservatory consisted of outdated glazing, which meant that they were not benefiting from all the features that modern double glazing allows. We discussed these characteristics with them, from thermal efficiency to security, and we decided together that a total replacement was just what they needed.

We settled on a quaint lean-to conservatory in this case, since it offered all the benefits of a modern extension while also making the most of the available space. This conservatory design also looks beautiful when installed in smaller homes, so it was perfect for this picturesque property. Before long, the project was under way.

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Working with the Right Installer

Alongside the body of our fantastic lean-to conservatory profile, we also installed high-quality windows and doors. French doors look particularly beautiful in conservatories of this type, and the customers had no qualms once our team got to work; they knew straight away that they’d made the right choice by working with SRJ.

We also value personality here at SRJ Sunrooms and made sure to offer a variety of customisation options that let this customer know that they were in charge. In our opinion, they made the right choice opting for a set of beautiful golden door handles that properly capture the charming aesthetic of this traditional property.

In the meantime, our market-leading double glazing is set to offer these customers the thermal efficiency you should expect from a modern masterpiece such as this. The slim sight-lines and large glass panels also allow for a beautiful view, and the happy homeowner couldn’t have said it better than when they told us the following:


“Everything has been completed to a very good standard, and the staff have all been friendly and efficient.” – Mr & Mrs Sherpa, 2018.

Inside Edinburgh Conservatory

Get a Personalised Price for Your New Conservatory

So, there you have it! Our team enjoyed working with Mr & Mrs Sherpa on their home improvements and were delighted to hear that they were so happy with the outcome. If you want to experience this quality for yourself, then reach out to our specialist teams today.

We offer a variety of contact options so that everyone can feel at ease reaching out to us. If you’d prefer to submit a request to our team in writing, then head over to our online contact form. Alternatively, you can give us a call by phoning 01383 341 117.

We also have an exciting new tool here on our website called the SRJ quotation engine. This useful program is the fastest way to a quick quote; simply give us a few necessary details, and you’ll be well on your way. Don’t forget to visit our showroom here in Rosyth while you’re at it.


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