10 May 2022

Garden Room Installation, South Queensferry

Garden Room Installation, South Queensferry

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The SRJ team highlighted that we don’t just offer quality windows and doors.

We fitted a new garden room at this Mr & Mrs Hume’s South Queensferry home, fitting a tiled conservatory roof, French Doors and 2 casement windows.

In doing so, the Hume family will get a brand new space they can enjoy throughout the year, letting them take in the sights of their garden, even in the cold Edinburgh winter.

inside sunroom queensferry

A Design Bespoke to the Homeowner

Our sunrooms are a great way of giving you the best garden room for your home. This design combines industry-leading conservatory roofs with high-performance glazing. This gives Mr & Mrs Hume a room they can enjoy throughout the year.

By opting for two large casement windows on either side of their extension, the Hume family can make the most of the South Queensferry sun. Even in the winter, this family will be able to enjoy their new room.

french door sunroom

Adding A Taste of France

Through the installation of French Doors, French charm has been added to this South Queensferry property. These doors are selective on the type of light they will let into this garden room.

The Hume’s will be able to enjoy the beauty of their garden throughout the year, thanks to the large glazing area. This door is available with a low threshold, so should they need wheelchair or pushchair access, they can have it.

sideview queensferry sunroom

Reducing Energy Bills

By having three uPVC products and a tiled conservatory roof, the Hume’s South Queensferry home will be more environmentally friendly. The multi-chambered profile of the windows and door trap heat within the property. Alongside the warm roof system, this household will enjoy a comfortable home throughout the year.

They won’t have to worry about using extra central heating to warm their sunroom. If anything, they may rely on their central heating less throughout the rest of the house. This, in turn, will lead to lower energy bills and a reduction in their Edinburgh home’s carbon footprint.

inside new sunroom

A Space to Enjoy Year-Round

The Hume’s can enjoy their new garden room any time of the year thanks to the tiled conservatory roof. This lightweight roofing system provides modern standards of thermal efficiency, security, durability, performance and weatherproofing.

Heat is trapped in this room in the winter and released in the summer, so this family can use their room throughout the year.

What makes this roofing system stand apart from the rest is it can be easily fitted onto old or new window frames and doors, making it the perfect replacement roof.

We manufactured this roof using NASA satellite data, so the Hume’s can be sure that their garden room will be protected from whatever the South Queensferry home throws at them.

sunrooms south queensferry

Get a Garden Room or Double Glazing Product for Your South Queensferry Home

Mr & Mrs Hume’s new garden room is just one of the many double glazing installations SRJ has completed that has left our customers with a smile.

Our installation and customer service team take great pride in being professional and always ready to start a new project.

If you’re thinking of getting a garden room installed at your home or another double glazing product, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us by calling 01383 851 951 or you can fill out our online contact form.

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