SRJ COVID-19 Guidelines

We want to ensure that not only do our customers get a quality double glazing product for their Fife home but that we do it as safely as possible. Our team will be abiding by the latest government guidance for the construction and trade industry when visiting your home. We will also be following our company policies and procedures. Read below to find out more.


What Have We Done as a Business?

The whole SRJ operation has been assessed to ensure it complies with the government’s guidelines. Each member of the SRJ team goes through a regular COVID questionnaire screening, with each staff member given the relevant personal protective equipment. The whole business, from our receptionist to double glazing installer has received training on our COVID-19 safe-working policies, which are updated as and when the government releases new guidelines.

When it is safe to open, a one-way system has been introduced in our double glazing showroom, with hand sanitiser and PPE provided to customers and staff upon arrival, with social distancing maintained. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer our customers tea or coffee when they visit our showroom, to prevent the spread. Any paperwork that will need to be signed by our customers is left in an agreed safe place, allowing for the signing and exchange to be done from a safe distance. Finally, we will not carry out work in your home unless it meets government guidelines!


What Will We Do While In Your Home?


Sales, Designer and Survey

Throughout the design, survey & installation, our team will continue to follow the latest guidelines. Where possible, appointments to discuss your double glazing project can be carried out via virtual appointment. If visiting your home, our sales designer will wear relevant PPE, keep his distance, sanitise surfaces they touch and where possible, carry out measurements from outside of the property.


Before carrying out a double glazing installation, our installers are tested for COVID-19 symptoms. If given the all-clear, the installation will go-ahead. Our team works in bubbles and equipped with all the necessary PPE to travel safely to your home.

Don’t be surprised if, during the double glazing installation, our team remove their PPE if they are keeping a distance from the homeowner. This will allow them to easily install without any issues. Although we appreciate the gesture of a tea and sandwich, our team will come prepared with their own to reduce the spread.

After Installation

Once the double glazing installation is complete, our team will remove any debris, tidying up and vacuuming up with their own equipment. Then the exchange of documents to finalise your double glazing installation will be done in accordance with our policies. Should you require any further visits, these will be done in-line with the guidelines.


Play Your Part

It’s important that our customers play their part in ensuring that we comply with government & our own company guidelines for their double glazing installations. Not just for the safety of our team but for you and your family. That’s why we ask our customers to do the following before our visit to discuss your double glazing project.


If you or anyone in your household is shielding or in quarantine displaying symptoms of COVID-19, please inform us as soon as possible. This will allow us to then re-book your double glazing installation or appointment.

Have Your Room Ready

If you have furniture in or around the window or door, please move it. Take down any curtains or blinds in advance of our sales designer or double glazing installation teams visit. This will not only reduce the objects our team touch but will speed up the measuring and installation time. We appreciate it isn’t always easy to take down curtains or blinds, which is why our team are equipped with the necessary equipment.

Ensure that any spaces that our team will have to touch are sprayed down and cleaned. Ensure any internal doors that will need to be used are kept open where possible, minimising the contact with door handles. This will reduce the spread when we visit to discuss or install your double glazing. If you’d prefer to have the meeting outside, let us know before the appointment so we can plan accordingly.

Air Your Home

Make sure to open windows and doors before we visit, to ventilate your home. These can be reopened after the double glazing installation to again, ensure particles are removed.

Keep Your Distance

Ensure that you keep a distance of at least 2m from the SRJ team when we are at your home. You do not need to be present for the installation, and if you prefer, our team can meet you at your home first thing in the morning to collect the keys. By maintaining your distance, it will reduce the spread from and too the double glazing sales designer or installation team.


Contact Us to Find Out More

If you’d like to find out more about our COVID-19 guidelines, or you’d like to discuss a double glazing project for your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call our team on 01383 341 117, email or fill out our online contact form.

For those with a product in mind for their home improvement project, start an online quote. Simply enter a few details, and we’ll send you a bespoke estimate for our double glazing.

Or when it’s safe to do so, why not book a visit to our showroom. Call our team today to find out our opening times. You can also book a virtual appointment to discuss your double glazing project from the comfort of your home.

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